“Suzi Whaples is the best new storyteller to hit the circuit since Bil Lepp!
 I am an unabashed fan––NO––I am in love! oxox.” ~Carmen Deedy, Award-Winning Author and Professional Storyteller 


“Ever heard of a storyteller named Suzi Whaples? She’s from West Virginia, very deep-hills and authentic. Poignant (without being sappy), and funny as all get-out. I saw her in Ohio and she was amazing  – for several sets, no less. The other tellers and I looked at each other and said. ‘Who is this? Where has she been?’ ” ~Andy Offutt Irwin, Award-Winning Nationally Touring Professional Storyteller

“When Suzi Whaples talks about West Virginia and the people she knows, she speaks to all of us, regardless of where we were raised and where we now live. Great stories, great timing, and great heart. What else do you need?” ~ Bill Harley, Grammy Award Winning Professional Storyteller

“Suzi’s stories had our ‘national’ tellers doubled over in laughter.  She and her stories were wonderful and her subtle humor really delighted the audience.” ~Bill McKell, Presenter, Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival

“Suzi ‘Mama’ Whaples…one of West Virginia’s award-winning nationally recognized storytellers.” ~ The Charleston Gazette, Charleston, West Virginia

“At The Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival, Suzi was a big hit. She made the 400+ students laugh and then hushed the crowd with her story ‘Patches’.  At the adult evening performance, she held the crowd in her hand…There is no doubt; we will have her back in Chillicothe, Ohio. Suzi was mentioned several times in our Exit Polling, while, I may add she was telling with Nationally Renowned Carmen Deedy, Bill Harley and Andy Irwin.  Suzi Whaples is a very talented and professional storyteller!” ~James Flanagan, Executive Board Member Southern Ohio Storytelling Festival

“Suzi Whaples is a very talented and dedicated storyteller…Suzi epitomizes Applachian humor and love of life.  She tells it like it is, was, and ever will be in these beloved hills of ours.  Hers are the stories of life in the mountains.  And you live them right along with her.” ~Danny McMillion, Director Raleigh County Public Library, Raleigh County, West Virginia

“I’ve watched Suzi hold the attention of crowds of all ages and backgrounds with her Appalachian heritage stories, and she has as much talent and ability as those seen at Jonesborough.  She has her audiences laughing till they fall off their chairs, crying till they sob, and mesmerized with remembrances of their own families as they become enthralled in her tales. Our patrons, of all ages, request for repeat performances each and every year.” ~Linda Heddinger, Youth Services Director, South Charleston Library, Charleston, West Virginia


“Suzi ‘Mama’ Whaples has a professional grace as a storyteller.  With each tale she carries us to the Appalachian Mountains, and as long as she is telling, her audience is not only listening, but traveling with her as she shares her memories in stories.” ~Kevin D. Cordi, PhD; Professional Storyteller

“When I listen to a story, my hope is that the teller will transport me to a place and time in a way that I can feel an experience. Suzi “Mama” Whaples is a storyteller who does just that, engaging all who hear her tell! Suzi’s down-to-earth nature brings life’s moments alive, be it in tales of humor, legend, or life experience. ‘Mama’ is a master of words and timing, helping any who hear her stories go to that place, no matter what road they came in on. She helps me laugh and cry, including crying from laughter. Every listener can easily find a connection and empathize with the real characters, situations, and places that inhabit her tales. Whaples’ well-grounded sense of self inspires me to look more at my own life stories and those of others, knowing that we all  have tales that contribute to the richness of American culture.  Thank you, Suzi, for continuing to share
tales of  lifetimes!” ~ Jodi French-Burr, National Park Ranger, Rainelle, West Virginia

“…Suzi “Mama” Whaples, steeped in Appalachian tradition and humor.” ~ Johnson City Press, Johnson City, Tennessee

“Suzi Whaples’s storytelling is like a breath of fresh, sweet mountain air, refreshing your mind, renewing your spirits, making you feel giddy and childlike,all of this in the breath of a single tale well told.” ~ Lyn Ford, Professional Storyteller