Suzi Whaples offers a unique experience in storytelling. Her unaffected dialect, lightning quick wit, and a gentle demeanor perfectly blend stories of her life, her family’s lives, and some that are much larger than life.

She if not your average Appalachian teller!  Her stories are her own, drawn from her heritage, her unique creations, or, occasionally a new twist on an old classic.  Suzi intertwines the poignant, the encouraging, and the flat-out hilarious, whether she is taking you to the holler or to the county fair.

Coming from the library world, with thirty-five years of storytelling experience, Suzi aspires to present story in its purest form She truly is an entertainer and an educator for all ages, traveling the nation as a teaching artist for students and as a trainer and mentor for other storytellers and entertainers.

Suzi is a favorite wherever she appears across the country and has performed at The National Storytelling Festival and as Teller in Residence at the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, Tennessee.  From the largest festival to a single classroom, or anywhere people gather who share her love of story, all are delighted to hear what she has to say.

In the words of Jaine Treadwell in The Troy Messenger, Troy, Alabama, “She was insightful.  She was funny. Her performance was as magical and unpredictable as the flight of a June bug. “


“Steeped in Appalachian tradition and humor.” ~ Johnson City Press

“Suzi Whaples’ storytelling is like a breath of fresh, sweet mountain air,
refreshing your mind, renewing your spirits, making you feel giddy and
childlike, all of this in the breath of a single tale well told.” ~ Lyn Ford