About Suzi

“Whaples brought a mixed bag of stories, some were rib ticklin’, slice of life stories while others were straight from the heart of her Appalachian culture.  She was insightful.  She was funny…Her performance was as magical and unpredictable as the flight of a June bug” ~Troy Messenger, Troy Alabama

“Steeped in Appalachian tradition and humor.” ~ Johnson City Press, Johnson City, Tennessee

“Great stories, great timing, and great heart.  What else do you need?” ~ Bill Harley

“Suzi Whaples is ‘our kind of folks’!” ~ Donald Davis


“Suzi Whaples’ storytelling is like a breath of fresh, sweet mountain air, refreshing your mind, renewing your spirits, making you feel giddy and childlike, all of this in the breath of a single tale well told.” ~Lyn Ford

“Poignant (without being sappy), and funny as all get-out…The other tellers and I looked at each other and said, ‘Who is this?  Where has she been?'” ~ Andy Offutt Irwin

“I am an unabashed fan–NO–I am in love!  oxox.” ~ Carmen Deedy